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Measuring technology

Whether we are talking about a temperature gauge for PV modules or sensors on an inverter, state-of-the-art measuring technology ensures that all the performance and operating data of your PV system are permanently and accurately recorded. For example, the expected yield can be compared with the actual yield and, if there is a discrepancy, the system will give a warning to that effect. The data are then passed on (generally wirelessly) to a monitoring system where they are evaluated and depicted in the form of a graph.  

Visualisation technique

You can call on a wide variety of comfortable options for monitoring your solar installation and measuring its performance, ranging from a clearly readable wall display to visualisation software for a PC. Any malfunctions or deviations from the predefined operating status are reported immediately – if desired, also by e-mail or SMS. The data are even recorded if the PC is switched off. This means you are in full contact with your solar power unit at all times. You can, of course, also look at basic statistics like the present output, daily yield etc. whenever you wish.

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