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Connect to the grid and benefit immediately

When you invest in photovoltaics (in Germany), you have the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) on your side. It guarantees for 20 years that you will be rewarded by the relevant utilities company for every kilowatt-hour you feed into the grid – throughout Germany, irrespective of any political changes, and contractually secured.


The legislator has designed the reimbursement system on a diminishing scale. This means that the minimum reimbursement for solar electricity is 5 % lower each year. For solar electricity units that have been connected to the grid in 2006, the payment was thus 5 % less than it was in 2005. In 2007 and each of the subsequent years, the reimbursement drops by a further 5 %. However, and this is important, the respective level of compensation, once fixed, then remains constant for 20 years. Whichever way you look at it, a quick decision pays off.


It is, by the way, not necessary to conclude a separate contract with your power supply company for feeding in your electricity to the grid. Although this may be offered in many places, the level of reimbursement has already been clearly regulated under the EEG act, and all grid operators are thus committed to pass this on to you without the need for any additional agreement.  


Support from all sides

In addition to this, there are many loan and subsidy programs organized by the government, federal states, cities and communities, finance offices and some utilities companies. This can take the form of low-interest loans for private users, grants for universities and schools or interesting financing possibilities for farmers. Further information on the subject of subsidies and other financial support, together with the procedures involved can be obtained, for example, from the government-owned KfW promotional bank (Förderbank).

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